Fibroid Removal and Treatment For Fibroids

Suffering from Fibroid Pain? Consider Fibroid Removal

There are many complications, which can occur during childbirth. Of course, some of the most dangerous complications actually develop, when the woman is going through the childbearing years. During this period of time, it is possible for the female to develop small growths, or myomas, on the uterus. These growths, which are almost always noncancerous, are actually known as uterine fibroids. Although these do not usually cause serious complications, they can still be life changing, annoying and extremely painful. Still, some woman will encounter these, but never notice any symptoms or pain. Therefore, it could be said that each case is different.

The Statistics

There are some statistics concerning fibroids that should be noted. The leading medical experts suggest that three out of four women will actually develop growths on their uterus. Of course, the majority of these individuals will not exhibit any painful symptoms and will not feel the need to undergo any type of treatment. Still, there will be rare cases, when the woman will experience intense and unbearable pain. When suffering from this type of pain, the woman will certainly want to consider getting surgery or other types of treatment.

The Causes

In order to get to know the condition a little better, it is helpful to research the causes of fibroids. Unfortunately, you will find that the causes are actually not known. In fact, the leading researches believe that several different factors could lead to the development of these growths. Hormonal and genetic circumstances are believed to be among the most common reasons, but nothing has been proven.

Pregnancy and Fibroids
During pregnancy, it is much more likely for a woman to experience complications, if she has developed fibroids. While this doesn’t assure problems, it does increase the risks. In fact, more women will be able to have normal pregnancies, despite suffering from these growths. It is possible to suffer from preterm delivery, due to this situation. Labor may begin to slow and even fail to progress. The baby may also get positioned in an awkward manner, which can cause complications. This is why it is important to consider undergoing fibroid removal.

Fibroid Removal
You will find that you have several different options, if you’re intent on removing the fibroids. Depending on your specific situation, condition and future plans, you may want to suffer through the hysterectomy, which will completely remove the uterus. This is honestly the only true cure for this situation, but it comes with great consequences, since it will lead to infertility. Thankfully, there are several other options.

The myomectomy is somewhat similar to the hysterectomy, but it will not remove the uterus. Instead, it will only target the fibroids and remove those. This will help to prevent damage to the uterus and is the best option for women, who still wish to give birth.

Still, there are many other potential treatments, including endometrial ablation, myolysis and uterine fibroid embolization. Before choosing one of these operations, you should take the time to examine all of the potential risks and the necessity of the surgery. After this, you will want to speak with a medical professional, before moving forward.