Tips On Preparing Your Roof For Hurricane Season

If you live in an area, where hurricanes are prominent, you need to prepare for the worse. With hurricane season coming, there will be no better time to prepare your home and family. There are many things that you need to do, in order to be fully prepared, if you are not, and then you could potentially be putting your home and family in danger. Below, you will discover several tips on preparing your roof for hurricane season.

Home Insurance

One of the best ways to protect you from financial loss, in case of a natural disaster is with by getting insured. Of course, homeowners insurance is very expensive, especially when you include disaster coverage, but in the long run, it will pay off. Be sure to speak personally with an agent about natural disaster coverage, because without it, the insurance policy will be worthless, if your home is in the path of a hurricane.

Roofing Maintenance

Most shingle roofing materials will last anywhere from 5-10 years, but this type of roof is very vulnerable to hurricane winds. If your roof is shingled, you should be sure to maintenance it on a routine basis. If the shingles need to be replaced, doing it before the hurricane will definitely be a great idea. Utilize roofing nails and secure all lose shingles and it should be ready to go.


Many prominent hurricane states such as Florida require all homeowners to retrofit their roof. This process involves installing straps on every truss. This will strengthen the roof structure, so it can withstand high hurricane winds. If you are unfamiliar with retrofitting, you should contact a service provider and set up a free evaluation. If you fail to follow through with these regulations, you may regret it later on down the road.

Gutter Cleaning

Since your gutters are located along the roof line, you should take the time to clean them out. Hurricanes do not only bring high winds, heavy rains are also included in the forecast. Wet leafs are very heavy and can potentially put a lot of stress on your gutters. By clearing out the leaves and debris, you will be making a clear path for the rain to drain off of the roof and down the drain pipe onto the ground.

Tree Trimming

If you have a lot of trees around your home, you may want to schedule a tree trimming day. Gather a couple of your buddies to assist you with this strenuous task, plus you can always use someone to have your back, in case of accidents. Cut all branches that are hanging over your roof, because the high winds will blow them right onto your rooftop.

Cutting off Utilities

It is always wise to cut off all of your utilities, especially electricity and gas. Instead, you should consider investing in a gas generator, before the hurricane hits landfall. You will most likely not have electricity during or after the storm anyway, so the generator will keep your foods cold throughout the whole ordeal.


Preparing your roof for hurricane season is truly not that difficult, but it will take a bit of strategizing and dedication. Keep in touch with all of your relatives and neighbors during the storm, because you may need emergency assistance at some point.